Glasses Direct



Double digit sales growth year-on-year, prompted awareness increased from 20% to 60% in 1 month. 2019 sales doubled and then grew by a further 25% following Brand Strategy and Re-brand piece in 2020. 

We’re really proud to be part of the Glasses Direct business growth.  By our third campaign we had created a new brand strategy, logo, brand platform, guidelines, photography & design templates to feed into the latest multichannel campaign – deliverables including TV/Social/Sponsorship/OOH/digital … and more! 

We fully embraced the concept of “sweating the assets” and pushed it to its limits. With every campaign, our focus was on maximizing brand alignment and cost effectiveness. Through careful planning, we were able to explore a range of possibilities, from product stills to live action, and effectively repurpose them for maximum impact across various platforms over the years. This approach not only allowed us to adapt to the ever-changing market and consumer demands, but also gave us the flexibility to push and pull as needed.


‘We are a small (but ambitious) high-growth company. We don’t rely on agencies but when we do, we need to find partners that understand our business quickly as well as guide us with expert clarity.  We have worked with Wordley for 10 years and have built a great rapport with them as well as a fantastic working relationship. 

They are the perfect partner for us as they have a very talented and experienced in-house team that brings years of industry expertise and experience to clients like us that would never be able to afford the overhead associated with much larger agencies. 

Our most recent project shows how versatile Wordley can be, not only helping us refine our brand proposition and DNA but bringing it to life in a brand refresh, including a new TV advert and proposition. Their versatility is truly impressive as is the turnaround in projects from idea to execution. They have listened, challenged and delivered great results for us. And our most recent project is a testament to the relationship our businesses have built together. Big enough to deliver quality,  small enough to care about you as a client. 

A great partner for businesses that want to move fast and work with experts, without the pretence.’ 

Barney Streeting, CEO Glasses Direct


We’ve been working alongside the Glasses Direct marketing team since their second TV ad launch.  By our third campaign, we’d created a new brand strategy, brand platform, logo, brand guidelines, photography, graphic templates and content for digital advertising. A complete brand re-fresh! 

Sweating each and every asset, to ensure campaign alignment as well as great value for money – pushing and pulling across the many platforms, whilst educating the market on a new way to buy glasses. 


Glasses Direct are the leading online glasses optician in the UK and when customers buy theirs online, they feel confident and trust that they are buying glasses “the smarter way”.

Our latest campaign and new brand look and feel gave the audience firm reasons to believe our brand tag line ‘your glasses, your way’ and was designed to work across all platforms, helping the brand grow.


Sponsorship TVC
Digital, Photography
Brand identity
Visual identity
Digital template design
Brand platform,
Logo creation
Tone of Voice
Brand guidelines.