Client of 8 Years

We are really proud to be a part of Glasses Directs’ business growth, in the beginning educating the market and drive response and as their market share has grown our communication strategy has developed for continued growth.
We created a TV campaign and matching cast photography for IntheBook our idea brought to life the concept of how books and imagination are so powerful when their story is in the book.
As ITV commercial rolls out Ninja Warrior Adventure Parks across the UK we worked with them to create a TVC that can be versioned for each region and drive click bookings and push footfall into all those new parks.
Omni-channel campaign: Think like a King, Play like a King, Fight like a KingCampaign launch of gaming app Clash of Kings, we created a cinematic heroic first launch for Clash of Kings game app. #FightLikeAKing
An exciting call from Howdens to launch this brand on TV. We created four TV ads for different consumer perspectives.

Client of 4 Years

Funky came to us as a well-established TV brand. They needed to take the next step. Our work needed to amplify the emotional aspects of personalised giving whilst driving good response.
Emma had been on TV but when we met their business growth needed an idea that would drive serious response in the UK and internationally. The mattress (in a box ) market was homogenised, It was time to set them apart visually and clearly land reasons to believe compared to their competitors.

Client of 13 Years

Our Euronics campaigns centre around the strength of 600 electrical independents nationwide set in the heart of each high street. Nick Knowles was the perfect ambassador for our message across TV, digital, Press, Radio, and in-store.
Bloom and Wild were an established brand that we launched on TV, the market needed education on the benefits of letterbox flowers and we needed to capture the visual look and feel of the Bloom and Wild Brand on TV for seamless integration into all platforms.

Client of 10 Years was the first to market as an online portal for solving all your childcare needs. We needed an ad that worked hard to educate the market and begin to build trust in this unknown brand. A simple ad was brought to life by the voice of presenter Davina McCall. This ad ran for 5 years with no burnout! The second ad developed the emotion of how great Childcare feels and bought to life the logo Character to use across all platforms.