Keeping Creative Minds Happy

Keeping Creative Minds Happy

In an ever-so-demanding industry of zesty creativity, you must wonder sometimes, how do you keep that fire burning? Continuously stoking the flames to be piping hot, on time, whilst second guessing clients. It’s a well-versed pressure cooker that’s par the course for most agencies. Cry me a river I know.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean burn out can’t happen and the well runs dry sometimes. Even monkeys need a pause, a time out, to be the consummate performers they expect of themselves. Clap Clap!

So, the question is, what goes hand in hand with creativity, like two peas in a pod? It’s happiness. Here’s three simple ways to help declutter the dour debris with a good healthy dose of dopamine.

what goes hand in hand with creativity, like two peas in a pod? It’s happiness.


Change your environment. Regularly.

Sitting on the same stiff chair staring at the wall that needs painting will not get the juices flowing so break the chains and change your environment. Work from home, pop into the office, or slurp a coffee in your favourite bougie café.

Consume something you like.

Your brain not feeling the love? That’s ok you’re not a robot. Kick back, watch, and listen to anything that sets you a light and inspires you. To some it might be a tad indulgent, but it could be the key to release that pressure valve a bit.

Bounce it around. Talk to people

Burrowing deep into the keyboard without coming up for air is a sure way to not see the wood from the trees. Pop your head over the screen, pick up the phone, or accept that zoom call. What might feel so heavy can be made lightweight when you share your thoughts with others. People do not bite, and they can be clever.

In a nutshell.

The above may be obvious to the cynical, but hopefully it’s helpful to a few, but the takeaway is, if you’re happy, it’s one less thing to distract you from being creative.


Ross Coughlan is Creative producer at Wordley Creative

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