Film production and aliens…

Film production and aliens…

To those that do it and are ‘in the know,’ every nuanced element about film production is naturally normal. But to anyone else, when they get a glimmer or a whiff of our (oh so glamorous darling) industry, you can see eyes light up like they’re seeing a real-life ET for the first time.

I maybe a bit long in the tooth (and perhaps grumpy) and find myself thinking and saying sometimes, ‘it’s not rocket science and we’re not saving lives’ but likewise sometimes it’s incredibly important to take stock of the value and not to undersell what we do and what we make.

you can see eyes light up like they’re seeing a real-life ET for the first time

From choosing the correct camera, lens glass and length, to lighting a scene properly and casting, directing humans, designing sets and scenes, the list does in fact go on like a big old chugging freight train.

To get the end-result on screen that’s on brief and right for the client, we must be very specific in what we do but when you’ve been in the industry a long, maybe too long a time you realise you become so desensitised to the process it almost doesn’t feel like a process at all.

I get why it’s alien to others though so bring on the 80’s looking spaceships!


Ross is Creative Producer at Wordley

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