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When I got to thinking about what my very first Blog topic might be, I couldn’t avoid it any longer – it was the thing that had been on my mind, bottled putting on LinkedIn. They were the lines I hadn’t posted on Instagram.

It was something I felt really needed to be said.

I wanted to say How proud I am of this sign, how proud I am of being female led.

I wanted to say how proud I am of this sign, how proud I am of being female led. 

Proud that 4 years ago when we took over the business I didn’t know if we could do it, not because we couldn’t do it, but because our female faces might not fit in the rooms they needed to, might not be able to win work like we needed to. 

I’m not proud that I feel that I need to steel myself to type such a thing, what does this say about me and our chosen industry?

Well you could say good things, because my worries seem to have been unfounded over the years, we have won work and our team thrives, ..so far so good….

But I did worry and it felt like a truth…

So we must make sure that in the future when we talk about this type of feeling, younger women don’t know what we’re talking about …it simply isn’t there anymore

…I thought how do we do that …so I just thought a start might be I’d say it/Blog it in the hope that the feeling isn’t recognised or if it is that change is near, I’m sure if we keep saying it it will be.

Jo is Creative Director and Owner at Wordley Creative

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