What do you specialise in?
Our speciality is the way we communicate to the audience, Brand Response, DR triggers combined with brand feeling which drives growth and sets up a strong brand for the future.

Do you work with Internal teams?
Absolutely, we get to know each clients business so that we can work out how to bring best value with how we all work together.

Do you help us with Clearcast approvals?
Yes. We are experts in all things Clearcast, we speak to Clearcast almost every day. In fact we make so many ads we have a dedicated rep at Clearcast! This helps us work fast and clearly.

We will often put scripts before the pitch into Clearcast, so we are one step ahead!

Will you sign an NDA?

Do you make and deliver International Ads?
Yes. We know how important it is to make ads that sit closely and feel truthful to each culture so that the brand resonates with the audience. We are experts in international creative, delivery and clearance.

How many people work at Wordley?
We have a core staff of 20 people and a wide range of collaborators and close associates who we work with regularly, we believe in the power of a team who have each others and our clients backs.

During Covid 19, how does that affect TV ad production?
Covid certainly can effect restrictions on number of people on-set. During this period we have been proven to be very agile, our planning from concept to production helps.

Do Wordley create campaigns or just TV ads?
Our proven experience in multi-channel campaigns maximises impact across whatever channel you need. If you need a social campaign to support your TV ad, or an outdoor campaign designed alongside a fabulous radio ad. No problemo. We think like this from the beginning so that as your business grows your campaign grows with it.

How do I start to make a TV ad?
Sometimes people come to us with a detailed brief, sometimes it starts with a conversation and we put a brief together for you to respond to before we get creative.

Will I see my advert at every step of it being made?
Our approval production and design process is watertight. This is your work and you’ll get to see and feedback on every stage including pre-production, design, on-set and in post-production. 

Do I need you and a media agency?
Yes, you will need a media agency, sometimes brands come to us with an agency sometimes we recommend people that we have worked with before and we know have grown business. 

Can I make a digital video ad out of my tv ad?
We believe in making the most of the assets and messaging that we create. Our brand response ads are perfectly suited to adapt and work hard online also.

You can go straight to digital with a 30’ ad, or we can create modular regional audience focus ads or specific ads that tailor for user behaviour or platform needs.

New Business Contact

Jo Iwan, Creative Director