Compliance and Complex Claims

Unlocking the Creative Potential with Complex Claims: What You Need to Know

Sarah here, Producer & Co-Owner at Wordley… let’s address the elephant in the room.

Compliance, whichever platform you’re working on is a big deal and if done badly can often throw up compromise in the early stages of your creative, or complications when you least expect it – ‘on set’ springs to mind!

When consumer trust is more important than ever, how can our clients stand out from the crowd?

Simple state truthful claims, that resonate with the audience.

Now that’s easier said than done, but with over 18 years of experience navigating complex claims with a variety of tricky sectors such as retail, finance, medical, new tech etc. we’ve developed the expertise and resilience needed to tackle even the most challenging claims and the intricacies of sales messaging.

Speaking of challenging claims…  We’ve recently had a huge win for one of our clients – after we updated the ad their cost per acquisition significantly dropped and their retention rate for customers was up! The only creative difference, the addition of new health claims to the creative, that no other pet food company had been able to prove before.  The combination of our dedicated team, working hand in hand, with client & Clearcast to get the crucial claims over the line – clearly demonstrate to me the value this work can bring to a campaign.

Here are my most valuable insights into Clearcast and compliance: 

• Compliance starts at pitch stage (And all the way through)
I can’t think of anything more frustrating for a client than being pitched a killer idea, only to find out (after agency engagement) that it’s a no-go! Make sure you do your homework early, know the product or service compliance challenges – what their competition is saying, and identify key claims you can prove (or can’t!) 

• Work with compliance (particularly TV/sponsorship)
We’re all working towards the same goal – a compliant ad with a claim/offer that resonates with the audience.  A good relationship with your Clearcast rep goes a long way. Work with them, respect their queries, requests and due diligence, but don’t take the first no – always challenge and keep an open mind.

• Understand the claims 
You can’t blag compliance, you need to understand every nook and cranny of the product or service (and its market) – to get through that BIG claim… help your client with the substantiation, there is often more than one approach to get the evidence you need – think big, and outside the box. 

• Invest time, resource and experience 
No junior teams, clients deserve to be led by experience. It’s essential to take time with your claims – and make sure an experienced production / Agency head is following the process from start to finish.

And most importantly… don’t take no for an answer, keep working it and find a way to get that claim through.

Sarah is a Producer and Owner at Wordley Creative

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