Captive audience

A captive audience, with more time to pay attention

We are in a unique situation where millions of people are watching more television and consuming more content while at the same time having concerns for health, loved ones, job security and inevitable impact on disposable income.

If you’re an e-commerce brand there will be inevitable opportunities in the coming months to consider getting lower cost market share and introduce services to the content hungry population with them paying more attention than ever before.

We are in a unique situation where millions of people are watching more television


We believe tv and radio during daytime could potentially become proper companions again and then the evenings will see a shift to streamed services so brands can potentially be enhanced now in lower cost day parts. We also think this is an opportunity to communicate sensitively and empathetically with potential customers but obviously you have to be able to get your product or service to them to even look at some form of ROI. 

Ironically people will now have more time to do many of the things they have procrastinated over when it comes to changing energy suppliers, sorting subscriptions, looking at their well-being, migrating to delivery services for as many consumables as possible and of course reducing their costs.

Your survival as a business is essential to our own and even if you just want some advice, one of our company directors is available 12 hrs a day on phone and 24hrs a day on email.

Stay safe,  Mark, Dan, Sarah and Jo

Mark Wordley is the founder of Wordley Creative

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