Jo here, Creative Director & Co-Owner at Wordley.

The constant push and pull between delivering the numbers to hit growth targets and building a brand that resonates emotionally with our audience, is always a challenge, especially during periods of rapid growth and when the business is heavily focused on metrics.


When the market is trickier than ever, how can we ensure the creative performs as it needs to and builds a powerful brand feeling, in the minds of our consumers?

Simple – be clear on the rational messaging needed. For example, your USPs, price points, and calls to action needed to drive response now… and use brand to inspire the creative idea that sits on top of it!

Being certain on this, will give creative ideas that are set to perform, capturing the hearts and minds of our audience. With 20 years of experience growing brands, we’ve developed surefooted ways to deliver both numbers and growth, which keeps creative moving forward as audiences and sectors grow, the key is knowing when and how, in a business trajectory, to drop rational response messages, making way for more brand storytelling.

… we all know it’s not just the idea that will create a strong brand, but consistency is also key in each piece of creative from the very beginning and applies cross platform. This can be so difficult to achieve in the real world, with so many balls to juggle. 

We recently pitched radio commercial ideas for a new client – as usual, we started with our response formula, tailored it to their audience and business needs, sat it within creative ideas that amplified their brand … but …at the same time we pitched digital and TV creative for each idea, this meant the client could choose a radio creative now, knowing that once it had proven the numbers, the next steps were already planned (and indeed that happened!). There was no need to revisit brief or creative, their communication was complete, and audiences recognised them cross platform. The ability of our cross platform creative team, to stress test creative ideas for future even if we’re only initially pitching for one platform, has clear benefits to achieving brand consistency.


Here are my most valuable insights into Driving Response and Building Brand: 

·       Build your brand story into all communication early on 

Know it and feel it at each touchpoint. It is the underlying power that even in an ad that primarily drives on a price point proves your truth. We’ve watched our work in research rooms for years, its ability to connect on a human and brand level strengthens the likelihood to respond.

·       Make sure your brand has unique elements for you to own

Choose colours, an attitude and a tone of voice that you can ringfence. Even if your competitors are not yet behaving in this way, as your sector grows, someone will and thenthey will win. Advertise your brand not a sector…misattribution is the height of frustration!

·       The elements an audience needs to make a decision

Brand, response triggers and occasionally education. Showing an audience why your product or brand matters to them, by sharing something they really need to know can be crucial – if the audience don’t understand, they’re not going to want it.

We worked in the App powered Food Delivery sector, which initially required an education of the audience on its purpose and how it could fit into their lives & benefit them. It is safe to say, this sector is now wholeheartedly educated …the educational element is the first to move to one side and make way for the oh so powerful brand.

·       Start each piece of creative with a firm Response Formula 

The engine room of each piece of creative is of course bespoke to each client… However, a good starting point across the board would be:

1.     Brand name repetition (this might be stating the blindingly obvious, but recall is key to avoid misattribution).

2.     Why the product matters

3.     Benefit of offers

4.     A strong call to action … to name a few.


Brand is the halo to your tactical advertising. It can be incorporated into every layer and every creative element to strike a perfect balance between the two.

And most importantly… the audience will make a judgement in a second.

Jo Iwan

Jo is Creative Director and Owner at Wordley Creative

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